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Telemetry Data Processing Equipment

For over  forty-five  years the team  at Acroamatics  have designed and fielded commercial  off-the-shelf  (COTS) telemetry decom and processing, range  data acquisition, and real-time range data analysis products to government and private industry. Our products and services support applications which include range safety, range  flight test, systems  integration, simulation , laboratory test and development, operational test, and launch  vehicle command  and control. Acroamatics customers include leading programs, prime contractors, and government facilities - domestic and worldwide.

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                                       Product Line Up

Telemetry Processing and Real-time PCM Decom Systems

Irig Chapt 4/5/8/9/10 CVSD TMATS

Acroamatics has a complete portfolio of Telemetry systems designed specifically for advanced telemetry processing, quick-look analysis, telemetry data storage, and post-test analysis applications. Our systems have been deployed throughout the world in both military and commercial applications, providing outstanding service in defense systems T&E, space launch range safety and analysis, and DOD tracking range data collection and post mission analysis roles.


ATSS Telemetry System Software

Irig Chapt 4/5/8/9/10 CVSD TMATS

All Acroamatics products include a full set of Windows 10 based operational software - complete with lifetime warranty and update support. Our software allows you the ability to manipulate tens of thousands of parameters in real-time using ultra-reliable card level micro-coded / script driven embedded telemetry processors, delivering the most efficient and reliable low latency networked telemetry data communications services in the industry.

Range Simulation and Specialty Software

Multi-stream Range Mission Simulation, integrated turn-key RF & PCM switching and data routing, integrated TMoIP driven multi-stream range data canter simulation and decom systems, remote telemetry data  operations software solutions, quick-look, card and system applications software. Specialized telemetry application software support services and contract engineering development.

Bit Synchronizer Units and Cards

Acroamatics is a leader in next generation high performance PCM bit synchronizer product solutions. Field proven to deliver  unrivaled BER, acquisition, and signal retention performance under the most trying conditions - with minimum operator adjustment. Remote Windows control software is provided free of charge, supporting integrated network operation of up to 64 remote bit sync channels. From standalone cards to integrated multi-stream systems and card embedded decom application, Acroamatics delivers the best results time and again. Compare for yourself!


BSS, CVSD, AGC Recorder, & Format Validation

Acroamatics offers practical automated Best Source Selector, ,multi-stream mission simulators, tracking site data verification and a variety of other specialized range and TM data center instruments.

Card Level Telemetry Products

Acroamatics offers a powerful array of the most effective PCI based Telemetry processing and interface module solutions in the world. Acroamatics PCI telemetry modules are each delivered with all of the the Windows set-up and operating software, I/O cabling, and documentation you'll need to tackle even the most challenging telemetry processing system integration tasks.

System Integration, Training and Consultation

Acroamatics has been creating off the shelf solutions and custom designed systems for over 30 years. Acroamatics can bring together best of breed products from our own portfolio and leading vendors to satisfy your requirements.

Legacy Telemetry Cards and Systems

Acroamatics has a continuing commitment to support of our full line of legacy VME and special purpose telemetry products in the best possible fashion, with upgrade and replacement products engineered with "drop-in" compatibility in mind as we add powerful new features and incorporate the latest signal processing techniques.

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